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Gaming is serious business

G-Core Labshad a problem. The Luxembourg-based global IT solutions provider, which offers a wide range of services, including hosting, CDN, peering network and different levels of support, focuses on creating custom solutions designed to address specific needs of their clients. … Continue reading

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Mirantis supports SUSE with Mirantis OpenStack, SUSE supports Mirantis OpenStack with RHEL

Events often include product or company announcements, and OpenStack Days Silicon Valley was no exception, with Mirantis following up its recent announcement that it would work with Intel and Google to rearchitect OpenStack for containers and continuous delivery with the … Continue reading

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Mirantis joins Google, Intel to flip OpenStack container landscape

While OpenStack has been working on orchestrating containers for the past year or so, this past week Mirantis announced a joint initiative with Google and Intel to flip the script, and run OpenStack as containers, orchestrating its control plane with … Continue reading

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