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What’s the big deal about running OpenStack in containers?

Ever since containers began their meteoric rise in the technical consciousness, people have been wondering what it would mean for OpenStack. Some of the predictions were dire (that OpenStack would cease to be relevant), some were more practical (that containers … Continue reading

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OpenStack Days Silicon Valley (The Unlocked Infrastructure Conference) Day 1

This year’s OpenStack Days Silicon Valley, held once again at the Computer History Museum, carried a theme of industry maturity; we’ve gone, as Mirantis CEO and co-Founder Alex Freedland said in his introductory remarks, from wondering if OpenStack was going … Continue reading

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Murano, Kubernetes, and multi-cloud environments in OpenStack (Q&A)

There’s lots of talk about multi-cloud environments, but not everyone realizes it’s already possible to create a single cloud that can span, say, OpenStack and Google Container Engine.  Last month Bhasker Nallapothula of Biarca joined Mirantis’ Ihor Dvoretskyi and John Jainschigg in … Continue reading

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Magnum vs Murano: An OpenStack container strategy

If the last 18 months or so have shown us anything, it’s that containerized development is here to stay. And why not?  Containers are small, they don’t take a lot of resources, they’re portable, they start quickly … what’s not … Continue reading

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Community takes a holistic view of OpenStack – but in which direction?

As OpenStack matures and begins to see serious adoption in real world production environments, we see the community beginning to take a more practical look at where it fits into the technology ecosystem. Is it about cloud native, or virtualization? … Continue reading

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53 things that are new in OpenStack Liberty

Another autumn, another OpenStack release.  OpenStack’s 12th release, Liberty, is due on October 15, and release candidates are already being made available.  But what can we expect from the last six months of development? Even as recently as a couple … Continue reading

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